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Arch Mahjong

Spring Mahjong knows that Rainbow Mahjong is an advanced mahjong players dream come true, but we understand that all other players need mahjong games they can beat as well. Spring Mahjong is now introducing Arch Mahjong, a smaller rainbow mahjong solitaire aimed at getting all mahjong players to enjoy this beautiful colorful game.

Just like all mahjong solitaire games, match mahjong tiles to remove them from the playing mahjong board. There are special mahjong tiles that can be matched to any in their set. Look for these in the information panel by clicking on the question mark on the left slide out mahjong menu. Once you remove all the mahjong tiles, you win!

Spring Mahjong no longer makes you share for hints because you have been such a wonderful group of mahjong fans, but we do ask that you Share us every once in a while so your friends can enjoy us too! Thanks!


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