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History of Halloween

Many of Halloween's origins and traditions are widely believed to be traced back to the Celtic's ancient Gaelic seasonal festival known as Samhain-pronounced 'sow-in'. Samhain, Bealtaine, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh represent the four seasonal festivals of Gaelic culture. The Celts marked Samhain as the conclusion of the harvest season and the onset of winter. Samhain's celebration of seasonal transition was also viewed as a time where favorable crossing existed between the boundaries of the current world and the otherworld. It was believed that this dissolved borderline allowed the souls of the afterlife to roam between these two worlds. Characteristics of the Samhain festival included offerings of food and drink for the spirits, feasts, costumes (also referred to as mumming and guising), reciting songs and or verses door-to-door as trade for food, and sacred bonfires.

Some historians, however, believe that Halloween's roots stem from a Christian holiday and are distinct from Samhain and other seasonal harvest festivals.

Over many years, Halloween has evolved into a big, commercial holiday full of attractions and activities - detailed costumes, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, horror film marathons, and visiting elaborate haunted attractions.

In the Spirit of Halloween

Halloween Mahjong is a whimsical reminder of all of the spooktacular activities that surround this holiday. Each tile represents the spirit of Halloween through fun and engaging artwork.

  • Flower Tiles: Characterized by jack-o'-lanterns with four unique expressions.
    Fun Fact: Original jack-o'-lanterns were carved from beets, turnips or potatoes instead of pumpkins.
  • Season Tiles: Represented by tombstones with seasonal icons and elements.
    Fun Fact: During Samhain, it was believed that the souls of the dead would revisit their homes. Family members would have table settings for the deceased - usually in a desirable and welcoming place next to the fire.
  • Honor Tiles: Symbolized by creepy eyeballs.
    Fun Fact: Pumpkins, along with cucumbers, melons, and squash, are a member of the gourd family.
  • Red Dragon Tiles: Signified by flying bats.
    Fun Fact: The 'Flying Fox' is the world's largest bat.
  • Green Dragon Tiles: Portrayed by a black cat.
    Fun Fact: Superstitious colonists believed that witches could transform themselves into a black cat.
  • White Dragon Tiles: Depicted by a witch's hat.
    Fun Fact: Witchcraft was widely feared and linked to black magic and devil worship during the Middle Ages.
  • Circle Suit Tiles: Illustrated by candy corn.
    Fun Fact: The original name of candy corn was 'Chicken Feed'.
  • Bamboo Suit Tiles: Appear as skeleton bones.
    Fun Fact: The Celtic believed that the skull was the 'house of the soul'.
  • Character Suit Tiles: Denoted by ghosts.
    Fun Fact: Early Halloween costumes often consisted of animal heads and skins.

Halloween Mahjong

Trick or Treat with Halloween Mahjong! With fun, halloween-themed artwork and 6 original layouts, this game is sure to spook you into a good time.

Remove tiles from the mahjong board by clicking on open tiles in pairs. When you click on a tile that is not open, the board will gray out all tiles which are not currently open. The white tiles are those mahjong tiles open and playable at that moment. Match all the halloween mahjong tiles and you win!

Seasonal and Flower mahjong tiles can be matched to any other mahjong tile in their set. Take a look at these mahjong tiles shown below. These special halloween mahjong tiles are sure to come in handy at some point during the game!

Have a happy Halloween with Halloween - Mahjong.com!! Don't forget the "-" or you won't find the BEST Halloween Mahjong on the web!

halloween flower tiles
halloween mahjong flowers

halloween season tiles
halloween mahjong seasons


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